2 = academic, faculty, learned, scholarly, scholastic, curricular.
Ex. Academic disputations are generally entered under the heading for the faculty moderator.
Ex. Academic disputations are generally entered under the heading for the faculty moderator.
Ex. Abstracts will accompany various learned, technical or scholarly contributions.
Ex. Personal authorship has been accepted for some time, and indeed reflects the scholarly practice of the western world.
Ex. This extraordinary assault on a fine old children's book has ever since stood for me as the epitome of the scholastic abuse of literature.
Ex. The public librarian can attend faculty meetings to ascertain curricular needs and use the latitude of the library's collection to augment the school's capacity.
* académico-industrial = academic-industrial.
* actuación académica = learning performance.
* año académico = school year.
* asuntos académicos = academic affairs.
* biblioteconomía especializada en las bibliotecas académicas = college librarianship.
* carrera académica = academic career.
* comité de ordenación académica = course committee.
* comunidad académica = learning community, academic community.
* cultura académica = academic culture.
* curso académico = academic course.
* debate académico = academic debate.
* desarrollo académico = academic development.
* estudio académico = academic study.
* expediente académico de la escuela = high school record.
* falta de ética académica = academic dishonesty.
* formación académica = formal education.
* mundo académico, el = academic, the, academic world, the, world of academia, the.
* no académico = non-academic.
* ordenación académica = academic affairs.
* recurso académico = scholarly resource.
* rendimiento académico = learning achievement, learning performance.
* revista académica = academic journal.
* sector académico, el = academic sector, the.
* titulación académica = academic qualification.
* tutor académico = teaching mentor.

Spanish-English dictionary. 2013.

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